Getting Settled

Our hope for a “night of deep, uninterrupted sleep” did not come true. We both woke up around 1 AM and I know I slept fitfully until I gave up trying at around 5:45 AM. I exchanged text messages with my mom until 6:15 AM and then got up to cook breakfast. Coffee, eggs, and oatmeal later, husband showered and left for work for a half day. I spent my morning sitting on the couch reading. When husband arrived home in the early afternoon, we ate leftovers and departed for an expensive trip to Costco and Big W to stock up on household items. While on the way home in a full car, we saw our first ‘roos while driving near wineries and fields of sheep and cows. Yay kangaroos! We’re spending the evening watching Blade Trinity and reading, once again hoping to stay up until after 8:30 PM.

We’ve arrived!

We arrived at the Canberra airport around 11:30 AM this morning after a series of flights that originated from IAD. Tired and feeling sick to our stomachs, we made our way first to husband’s coworker’s house to pick up his car and then to our house for the first time. Husband’s coworker walked us through the house and then left us to our own devices. We unpacked, showered, and settled in to our new home. Coworker’s wife generously brought us a home cooked meal for dinner and after eating, we tried to stay up until at least 8:30 PM. Jet lag got the better of us and we were each dozing by 7:45 PM or so. We’re about to drag ourselves off to bed and hope for a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Ground Control…

Tomorrow is lift off. We’re headed to Canberra, Australia for several years for husband’s job and we’re thrilled. The last few weeks (months?) have been a blur. I will miss our friends, family, and the life we’ve created for ourselves here, but we’ll be back.