May 2015: Recap and Goals


  • Returned home from visiting family in the U.S.
  • Bebe became a Kid and celebrated his first birthday both with fam in the U.S. and back here at home with me and the husband
  • Had a family photo sessions with Moments Photography (see above for a few from the shoot)
  • Returned to routine here at home, but two of us got felled by head colds during the last part of the month


  • Continued Crossfit and with the reading of books
  • Didn’t start meditating again this month, but I seriously need to start doing it again…
  • Yeah, #ozlearn didn’t happen, so I’m not going to hit my goal of 8 out of 12 months for the year…
  • No SUP (#winteriscoming or the season otherwise known as autumn has arrived…)
  • Travel with Bebe/Kid back to the U.S. has been checked off the list

April 2015: Recap and Goals


I’m back in the US (for only a few more days) visiting family, so I’ll keep this short and sweet so we can go back to playing outside in the nice spring weather. Hit it…

  • Bebe’s first domestic (Oz and US) and international flights and Bebe’s first jet lag
  • Bebe’s first spaghetti
  • Bebe got to meet his great-grandparents and lots of other family members that he’d never met before
  • Bebe started walking!!
  • Going out to eat with other adults for dinner and having cocktails
  • Friends flew down from DC to see me
  • In-laws drove into town to see me and Bebe


  • Continued the Crossfit while out of town at a local box
  • Boo-urns – I stopped meditating because of flights and haven’t picked it up again
  • Hair-cut accomplished
  • Travel to US accomplished

A Day in My Life

The post below describes yesterday (1 April 2015).

I wake up at around 6:35 AM to sounds of Bebe’s cries–not the panicked, something’s wrong cry–but instead the “I’m awake. Come get me.” cry. I sit on the couch in the dim living room–the sun has not come up yet–and feed him (for what feels like forever) while he tracks his father’s movements around the kitchen and living room. His dad is always more exciting that me and the love between the two is adorable and precious. When Bebe finished nursing, I take off his sleep sack and put him in the floor at which point he immediately toddles/crawls/creeps over to where husband is finishing his breakfast and the two share snuggles and hugs. Husband reluctantly hands him back to get ready for work and I start the diaper change process. At 10.5 months old, Bebe has opinions about holding still (read: he won’t) and there are a few protests (from both of us) as I finally get him changed and redressed in his sleeper. We spend the next half hour or so back and forth between the living room (hello toys!) and our bedroom (hello Dad!) before there is another handoff so I can fix breakfast for the bub and me. Continue reading “A Day in My Life”