Wheels and Tyres

TyresWhen we arrived just over two weeks ago, we knew that husband’s car needed new tyres (note the fancy spelling!). We also suspected it needed new rotors or brakes. Imagine our surprise today whilst at Costco having new tyres put on the car, where Christmas decorations are already for sale, when we were told that the reason it was riding funny was that three 18″ wheels and the 16″ spare were on the car. We’d never noticed! The fourth 18″ wheel was in the trunk and was bent. We’re going to believe that the woman that sold us the car was clueless about this as life is too short to presume otherwise.

Anywho, Costco put three new tyres on and put the fourth in the trunk. We’re now on a mission, starting Monday since most of the auto shops have closed for the weekend, to find a fourth wheel that at least resembles the other three so we can stop riding on the spare.

photo by: Leo-setä