Homeownership isn’t for wimps

As part of our quest to make our one-bedroom condo livable for a bit longer, we decided to have our bathroom partially renovated. On Columbus Day, the work was done. Our old fiberglass tub  was ripped out and a new acrylic one (with walls) was put in. Our old, mildewed, and stained vanity was removed and a new one with a white marble top was installed. It is quite pretty and today we went to a big box, Swedish furniture store to pick up a few things for the “new” room – namely a new towel bar, wall hooks, and a toilet paper holder.

While there, we impulse purchased a chair in addition to our planned purchases. I know. A chair. Who does that?

Well…we do.

Our current living room chair was old when we inherited it in 2002. Since then, husband (and the dog) have spent countless hours wallowing in it. When my mom visited a few weeks ago, she was horrified that we still owned it.

The point of all of this is that sometimes what you set out to get doesn’t match what comes home with you. Creating a calming, healthy home sometimes means that you have to be flexible and open to changes.

Adventures in Adulthood

It’s been a frustrating few days. On the way to the show on Tuesday, husband’s car speakers started making noises–not the noises we wanted to hear. We headed home to switch out vehicles and headed to the crowded concert.

After maddening phone calls to the big box electronics store on Wednesday after which we left his car there for service, we picked it up tonight. The radio header had to be replaced and they were also able to fix the radio, which has been broken for about two years now. While we’re very glad that they were able to fix it all, the situation sparked yet another conversation about the need for us have at least one reliable car in the family. If the car issue had been larger (say, the electrical system), we would be going shopping this weekend for a new (to us) car.

Dear reader, you may be asking what this has to do with the adventure part of my blog title.

Being an adult is an adventure and it isn’t always fun. Part of being an adult means having to have the conversations about long-term goals, budgets, and wants versus needs. Buying a car is not high on our to do list, but it is something that we could do with minimal adjustment to our budget. However, I’m glad that we do not have to and can spend or save that money as we see fit.