Stop Fighting It

It’s been about three weeks since Kid started refusing his afternoon naps. It’s been about three weeks since felt like I had my sh*t together. During those three weeks, Kid and I both had head colds, but neither of us kicked them on our own–he came down with an ear infection and I had a sinus infection. This brought a (temporary) reprieve to this change, but…

…I need to stop fighting this (day) sleep transition. He’s rocking a solid uninterrupted ~12 hours at night and on the days when we having something to do in the morning, he generally takes a two hour nap at midday. But…

…I like that time mid-morning where I can sit with my cup of coffee and my thoughts and JUST. BE. I need that time to recharge my batteries. I knew this was coming, but had hoped it would be later. Not now. Three or four months from now. But…

…I don’t get to make that call. One nap a day, here we come.

June 2015: Recap and Goals


  • Started out the month with head colds and ended it with head colds too #boo
  • CrossFit continued when I was feeling up to it
  • Got together with mummy friends and started going to a new playgroup
  • Kid started refusing naps and now some days are one nap days while others are two nap days…
  • Participated in Neghar Fonooni’s #BikiniRebellion


  • Still no meditation
  • Still CrossFitting (when I’m healthy enough to go…)
  • No SUP (#WinterIsHere)
  • Not great on “Me Time,” (see above statement about naps), but working on it
  • Still reading and am so close to finishing my re-read of ASOIF