Not from Around Here

Late last week, two different people two days in a row asked me where in Canada was I from. Both times, I busted out laughing and explained that I wasn’t from Canada. I asked the second person why he thought that and he laughed and said that it was because I was nice and in his mind, nice people with my kind of accent are from Canada, not the U.S. SMH. Made me laugh all over again, but it got me thinking about whether or not I’m code mixing a bit amongst the Aussies despite all of us (technically) being English speakers.


If you know my husband well, you know he LOVES pancakes; he orders pancakes around 90% of the time we go out for brunch. We don’t make them very often at home, but he requested them last week for college football Sunday this past weekend.

When I was at the store getting the mix, I couldn’t find pancake syrup. We had been warned that pancake syrup was hard to find, but had shrugged it off. I ended up buying molasses because it was the closest I could find.

With pancakes made, I pulled out the molasses, opened the lid, and gave husband a spoon. He drizzled a healthy dollop on his stack and made his way to the couch to resume football watching. Before I could get more than a spoonful on my own stack of ‘cakes, he was back in the kitchen gagging and scrambling for a new plate.

As it turns out, I bought black strap molasses. It doesn’t taste good (on pancakes). Out came the blackberry jam from the fridge and I immediately ordered a jug of maple syrup off Amazon. Sigh. Oh well. We’ll eat jam on our pancakes again this Sunday and I’ll find some use for the black strap molasses. Homemade bread, perhaps?

Pub Food and Trivia

pubTeam “On a Mission From G-d” made its debut last night at King O’Malleys Monday night trivia. We joined a few of husband’s coworkers for the two rounds, which included a number of questions only an Aussie would have a chance of knowing, and placed sixth out of ten. We did win both lightening rounds, which is where the teams had to immediately show answers to the Trivia Master and first correct answer won. Our prizes–both rounds–was free jugs of beer or soda OR a bottle of wine. We redeemed one of the two and are saving the other for next week. My mission for the next week is to try to pick up some trivia about cricket, mining, and Australian pop culture. I’m not quite sure how to begin…