Status Update (aka “Yay! Let’s celebrate small victories!!”)

As I discussed in my post from July 13, I’m watching what I eat. I’m starting to see results, but my impatience sometimes gets the best of me. I remind myself that it look me years to slowly put on weight and that it would not be healthy to take it all off in a few weeks/months.

I use two different sites to keep track of my diet and exercise information. For food, I use The Daily Plate (the weight history pic above is from that site) and for my exercise, I use (my training summary is to the left). I use two different sites because I do not like the exercise tracker on The Daily Plate, but my account on that site predates the site, which I started using while training for the 2010 Disney Princess Half-Marathon. In fact, The New York Times recently highlighted the usage of smart-phones (specifically, calorie-counting applications) to keep track of one’s caloric intake. While I haven’t been able to download The Daily Plate app to my phone, I’ve heard good things about one of the apps, Lose It!, highlighted in another article.

So why am I spending so much time talking about the technology stuff here? Because for me, the technology makes it that much easier for me to meet my goals. I still have to do the hard work, but keeping track of it is much easy.

What site(s) do you use? Why? Share in the comments or leave a link to a post on your own blog.

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