Seriously? Who does that?!?

A good friend of mine is moving to Boston on May 1. I’m thrilled and excited for her, but will miss her dearly. We went out to dinner last night as I do not have lunch with her every week like I used to do before I changed jobs last month.

With no reservation, we arrived at 7:15 PM, put our name on the list, and fought our way over to the very crowded bar.  As we were perusing the cocktail menu, the couple seated in front of us were notified that their table was ready. They closed their tab and started to vacate their seats. I quietly told them we were going to steal them and the four of us chuckled about our fortuitous timing. As my friend and I were about to sit down, then gentleman next to us asked when we arrived. I answered “About four minutes ago,” to which he responded “well, we’ve waited for twenty minutes. Shouldn’t we get your seats because we’ve been waiting longer? You just got here and got lucky.” I agreed that we had gotten lucky and my friend pointed out that luck is part of it in this situation. We took the seats and after our first round was ordered and delivered, I told the bartender that the gentlemen and his party’s next round of drinks were on me. The gentleman protested and I sweetly responded that since he’d made a fuss and we took their seats, the least I could do was buy their next round. He objected again and I smiled as I insisted. He ended up getting seats several down from us five minutes later and never took me up on my drink offer. We ended up sitting at the bar for our meal and had a delightful time.

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But seriously? Who does that?!? Am I the only one that thinks he was out of line for saying something? His tone was neutral as was mine, but the incident left me dumbfounded. Thoughts?

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