There’s a lot in my head that I want to share with the world, but the idea of writing up all it in a way that I feel much of it deserves to be written is too overwhelming for me right now. I guess that’s what happens when you take four months off from “blogging” to focus on life. As a way to document (either to flesh out later or so get them out of my head for good) my thoughts, here’s several lists in no particular order:

Fitness/ Running

  • Running is awesome
  • Shin splints are bad
  • Random injuries during an 8k are really bad
  • Being told not to run for four weeks when you want to be training for a 10 miler sucks
  • Going to PT for said random injury (really, muscle strength/flexibility issues due to biomechanics) is alternately fun and horrible
  • Being told that while you could potentially still train for a half, that doing so would delay true healing for months is a downer, but a nice reminder that being a responsible person means listening to your (injured) body
  • Being diagnosed with a stress reaction (Yay that it wasn’t a stress fracture!) while finishing PT and then being told to not run for another three to four months is just icing on the cake
  • Never mind that I canceled my gym membership in February because I was focused on running
  • Bikram yoga is awesome
  • My kettlebells taunt me from the living room floor
  • My stress reaction area (left tibia, calf) is so much better!!!
  • Perhaps my body finally succeeded in telling me to lighten up and not be so hard on myself…

Grad School

  • In short, I’m done
  • I never want to work on another group project where I don’t get to help choose my group members
  • I learned a lot about instructional design
  • I learned a lot about myself
  • I’m excited about the future


  • Husband is traveling A LOT for work this year
  • This is not fun at all


  • Coworkers are not friends
  • Friends are great
  • They keep me from being a hermit
  • We have fun together
  • I’m thankful to have them
  • Developing friendships is (sometimes) hard work
  • Friendships don’t always work out in the long run
  • Treasure them when you have them and let them go when they end


  • You only get one shot at it
  • Have fun
  • Don’t over think
  • Try not to hurt others
  • You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness
  • You can’t read minds
  • Trying to read minds only brings about confusion
  • Laugh
  • Love
  • Breathe

One thought on “Returning

  1. Looks like we’re both finding time to return to blogging post-grad school. It’s pretty overwhelming trying to catch up, isn’t it? If you’re looking for blog post ideas, I’d love to hear more about Bikram yoga.