Baby Feet

When Bebe was born, we carried around his diaper bag for all of two weeks. We quickly realized that we’re never away from the car long enough to justify its weight and instead leave it in the car and carry a few essentials in my purse. Now that he’s almost nine months old (!!!) that strategy is still in place. I’m curious as to whether or not it will change as he gets older (hello snacks!), but I hope that with proper planning, I can keep to the current set-up, which is already heavy enough as it is (leather purse + wallet + Sophie/small toy + wet-bag (containing a diaper, travel wipes, and a spit-up cloth)).

It’s with my current strategy in mind that reading this post brings out so many FEELS on my part. I know the site is looking to sell some of its goods. I also know from my own experience that not all of this is necessary (at least for a 0-9 month old). How many parents tote around too much crap and risk back/shoulder/neck injuries just to be “prepared?” Do we really need this much stuff just to go out in public with our babies?

I know, I know. The page does talk about how each baby/situation/parent is different and that your mileage may vary. Even so, lists like this bug the crap out of me…

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