Private Dining Experience

Roasted whole suckling pig (Photo Courtesy of Poste Moderne Brasserie)


When can I do that again?

Last summer, hubs and I were out with friends at a DC restaurant that we love, but unfortunately do not visit enough. They told us about roasts at Poste where an animal is spit roasted over an open wood fire for a group seated outside in the chef’s garden. The idea sounded wonderful and we agreed that we should get a group together to do it.

Life happened and we were unable to pull it off last summer.

About a month ago, the topic came up again and we seized upon the opportunity.

Some of us arrived at 6:30 for our 7:00 reservation. I ordered a Bourbon & Burdock and three of us split a cheese plate. After everyone arrived, we moved into our private room. Groups typically sit outside, but with the extreme heat we experienced yesterday they moved us inside (for which we were very thankful).

Hubs and I started with the oysters and others in the group started with escargot and hamachi. A bit later, the whole roasted suckling pig, sauerkraut, mac & cheese, and grilled peach halves arrived. We feasted, took breaks, and then ate some more. A few brave souls tried the pork brains, cheeks, and ears. I actually nibbled an ear and found that while tasty, the nibble was enough. The table was cleared, coffee was ordered, and hubs and a friend split the market cobbler for two with creme fraiche. I tasted it and the combination of peach and blueberry (with a hazelnut crust) was wonderful.

At around 10:00 PM, the eight of us stumbled out of the restaurant with “to go plates” in bags and headed home.

Our meal was fantastic and I’d love to go back to try the lamb. I highly recommend the Poste roast as a unique and adventurous dining experience.

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