User Research – Final Synthesis and Analysis

After completing our two rounds of user research, we synthesized and analyzed the results, which culminated in the presentation below. In the presentation, we quickly reviewed the work we had done from September through December 2011 and presented our findings from the work done from January through April 2012.

PT Kinection: An Augmented Reality Based At-Home PT Facilitator Using Xbox Kinect



Developing the user research project management plan and performing two rounds of user research encouraged me to see how the principles I had learned as an instructional designer were applicable to research and design that occurs outside the formal sphere of education and training. While I certainly drew upon my instructional design knowledge in order to work through these assignments, the basics of user research and design are applicable to many processes. Focusing on the end user reminds us, the instructional designers, that design and learning should be user/learner focused. If it is not user centered, can we really say that it (the product, training, course, etc.) is worth the user’s time and energy? In today’s busy world, we do not have time for training for training’s sake. Everything must be created for the benefit of the end user.

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