Nose plugs are a good idea

Valley Mill Kayak School’s social sessions are a great way to work on skills and I went tonight to see if I could get more instruction on how to roll.

The evening started out well as there were only four “students” (including me) and the instructor. The instructor was one of the teachers at the second class I took two weeks ago, but I didn’t have the opportunity to work with him then.

After two hours of him patiently trying to teach me the rolling basics, I now consider him my favorite instructor. I spent so much time floundering in the water and regretted leaving my nose plugs at home. I found it difficult to pay attention to his instructions when I was self-conscious about water streaming out of my nose and sinuses for what felt like an eternity. I’m still not there with rolls, but my paddling skills are improving and my fundamentals that will make rolls easier are getting better too. I consider it a good session when I’m still laughing as I haul the kayak up the hill away from the water to the trailer after a humbling two-hour session.

I’m already looking forward to next Saturday.

Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

TIME FLIES…………………*

While difficult, I could definitely live without the internet for a month. Before doing so, I’d have to prepare.

I’d have to find good phone books for my area. I’d have to transcribe all of the important phone numbers for friends and family who don’t life in my area from my phone into an address book. I’d have to write down the operating hours of several establishments in my neighborhood that I frequent. Essentially, I’d have to revert to the tools we used before the internet became the replacement for phone books, reference books, and all of the other things we use it for in modern life.

Adjusting to actually calling people on the phone or trying new restaurants without reading reviews online would be huge. I would probably be disappointed more and would spend more time on some tasks than I currently do.

The real question is not “could [I] live without the internet for a month?”, but “do I want to live without the internet for a month?”

The answer to that is no. For all of the good things and despite the bad things the internet has brought modern society, I don’t want to live without. But I could definitely stand to not use it as much.

On that note, adios.

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Like a kid on a playground

Today’s weather was wonderful. I felt guilty about sliding back into bed at 5:15 AM after feeding the dog and taking him on his morning walk. It was 71 degrees Fahrenheit and almost chilly.

On my way home from work, I pondered going to the gym. My brain protested being indoors. Bike ride? Didn’t want to deal with traffic. I could have taken the dog on a walk, but even the 85 degree heat was too warm for him at his advanced age. I ended up going for a run.

Wow, what a run that was! It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t a long distance. But it was wonderful. The wind in my hair and the soft slapping of my shoes on the pavement filled my heart with joy (or endorphins. What ever). I felt like a little kid who has spent recess running around the playground.

My jaunt reminded me that sometimes a run is just a run. It’s not always about the time, distance, splits, or where it falls in the training regimen.