Our First Week on The Four Hour Body Diet

Husband and I spend a lot of time talking about food. We like food. We don’t always eat the “right” foods, but we eat well. Like many people, we pay less attention to what we eat during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas than we should. While I never read his first book, I knew that The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss was coming out and bought it for husband for Christmas.

In the book, Ferriss details a diet that was not dissimilar to our usual one. We decided to give it a shot and started it on January 3. Some of our meals this week weren’t the best in my repertoire, but we pushed through and today is our cheat day. After my run this morning, we’re headed to a local bakery for pastries before hitting the restaurant next door for a decadent brunch.

I don’t have a lot of weight to lose (some might argue I don’t have any) and haven’t talked about my adventures in weight loss since the beginning of this blog. My weight has generally held steady, but I quickly got tired of counting calories (as I always do).

We’ll see how long The Four Hour Body Diet lasts. I’m pleased with my first week results, but am curious if I can sustain it over the next month once school begins (late January).

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