March 2015 Recap: Life & Goals


March was lovely. Hit it…


(To review said goals…)

  1. I kept going to the gym, but ducked out on going a few Saturdays this month. The Crossfit Open isn’t for me and some Saturdays it didn’t make sense for me to go for a variety of reasons…
  2. Meditation’s going great!
  3. Me time/self-care is better. I got a pedicure and a facial, so yay!
  4. No SUP time. 🙁
  5. SLEEP!!!! Little boy finally started sleeping thru the night (defined (for his age right now) as 10-12 hours at a time!)!! It was patchy for the first half of the month (hello trip to the beach!), but as the month progressed it became a regular occurrance. As such, I’m now averaging between 7 and 8.5 hours a sleep a night, but I’m also feeling a difference in my emotions (read: a little weepy at times) since I’m not getting the hormone high of a middle of the night breastfeeding.
  6. Still reading books…

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