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Two broccoli heads.

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So…we’re still on the diet. My lowest weight was 142.6 pounds in late February. I generally stay between 144 and 150 pounds at any given time. We’re not terribly strict and have thrown the diet out the window at several points when life was too crazy. Due to other variations of the human body, my weight has been on the higher end of that range lately. I’m also having moral issues with the high meat content of my diet. So…I’m trying to integrate some high protein, vegetarian/vegan options into my diet as well as play around with other foods I like, but don’t often eat. Diet cheating + stress + grad school = not making the healthiest choices. I also know that as much as I’d like to stay on the lower end of my healthy weight range, I get sick too much (see almost every post back to February) and I don’t have the will power with everything else going on in my life.

First stop, sprouted quinoa. Sayward, of Bonzai Aphrodite, has a great post on spouting your nuts, grains, and legumes. I have a colander full of quinoa and I’m waiting for it to sprout before adding it to my daily lunch salad. Yay!

Second stop, sauerkraut. I’m a big fan of the brassica family. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Brussel sprouts. Cabbage. I love cabbage. I’ve already started adding it to my daily lunch salad, but am now making sauerkraut with the half of the head of cabbage I didn’t shred for salads today. I’ll (try to) report back next weekend when I taste my experiment for the first time.

Third stop, more vegetables. I already eat a lot. I should be eating more. It’s summer. The grocery store is full of them. I hear there’s places where farmers gather weekly to sell their produce to the masses. I should check one of those places out. (Sidenote: this is tongue-in-cheek. I don’t like getting up early on Saturdays, much leaving the house when I do wake up relatively early. I used to belong to a CSA. I’ve gotten lazy about where my veggies come from. LAZY!).

I’m still researching other options and report back if I do integrate them into my (odd) diet.

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