July – December 2015 Recap: Life & Goals

So, I fell off the face of (blogging) Earth. July went a little haywire and here we are on 31 December and I’m trying to figure out where the last six months went. Instead of breaking this down into a “Life” and “Goals” section, I’m just going to summarize (via bullets) what’s been going on with me. I’ll go ahead and say upfront that SUP-ing isn’t happening (I sold my board), meditation is a no-go (need to restart this ASAP), and me-time happened when it could, but not always consistently. Bring on 2016!!


  • Embraced the one nap a day schedule for #Kid and found that it was quite nice once he settled into the new routine
  • Increasingly frustrated with CrossFit, I quit it
  • Started going to a(nother new) playgroup since the (new) one I attended in June now conflicted with his earlier nap time
  • My mom arrived at the end of the month for a couple of week visit (yay!)
  • Started Iyengar yoga at the end of the month


  • Felt “off” for the entire month (more details to follow later in the list) and was incredibly thankful Mom was here for the first half of the month
  • Continued the yoga





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