I never thought…

…I’d pay for chemo for a dog.

But we are. Our dog, Lucky, is our four-legged, furry “kid” and was diagnosed with lymphoma on June 15.

He means more to me than words can explain and getting another six months to a year with him is worth every penny. If we do nothing, he may have as little as two weeks left.

We adopted him about five and a half years ago. We wanted a dog that was about 40 pounds and came home from a rescue/adoption event with an eight year old, 120 pound dog. He broke our hearts and we couldn’t imagine not taking him with us. It was comical watching us put this overweight, terrified dog in the back of a VW Golf. He had a thyroid problem and with medication, we were able to get his weight down to between 90 and 95 pounds.

He’s now down to 82. For several months, we thought his age was catching up with him and that his lethargy and weight loss were “normal.” In hindsight, we should have known better.

Here we are. June 21, 2011. Elspar today. CCNU starting next Tuesday. Vacation canceled. We’ll see how this goes.

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