Getting Acclimated to the Heat

Several months ago, I purchased a Living Social coupon that offered a fantastic discount on ten Bikram yoga classes at a local studio, about which I had heard good things. I had taken a class about 18 months ago, but it had been a long while since I had practiced yoga regularly, much less Bikram yoga. When running was officially off the table, I decided to take advantage of my coupon.

(If you’re not sure what Bikram yoga is, here are some helpful links:

My first class was hard. I hated (HATED) the first half. The second half was better, but the post-class endorphins were fantastic. I walk out of there drenched in sweat and tired, but I sleep like a baby on those nights. I’m really competitive and have to force myself to not pay too much attention to others in the class. They’ve obviously been practicing much longer and their abilities are quite impressive. Each class gets a little easier, but I’m still not completely enjoying it. I keep telling myself it will get easier…I’m curious what other people think about Bikram yoga…

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