February 2015 Recap: Life & Goals



As February began, we settled back into a routine as a family of three since house guests departed and we didn’t have any on the horizon for the first time since May 2014. The month was comprised of normal life: meals, errands, exercise, mothers group get togethers, family snuggles, and happiness. No one thing was amazing enough to highlight, but the entire month was great on a whole.


  1. Continued with the gym going. Getting stronger with each passing week…
  2. Book reading slowed down as I switched gears to some non-fiction, but resumed my rereading of the ASOIF series.
  3. I’m rocking the meditation and love love love Headspace! Leave me a comment if you want me to send you a coupon for a free trial after I hit my next milestone for consecutive days of meditation.
  4. I went on a SUP coffee paddle! It was lovely. I likely won’t get to go again until next (southern) summer due to life and seasonal changes. But I went. Once!
  5. Self-care went okay for the month. I showered regularly, but didn’t make it out to get a facial or hair-cut like I should have done. The fringe is now gone, but I plan to recut it soon.

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