EDIT 752 - Design and Implementation of Technology-based Learning Environments

Taken Spring 2012

George Mason University's Course Description

Students design and produce multimedia/hypermedia applications based on current theory and research in instructional design and cognitive science. Examines user needs, information models, structure, and media selection and uses to inform design and production of final project.


In this course, I continue to collaboratively with four other persons to further investigate the same learning and design problem we explored in EDIT 732. We developed a project management plan for the two user design cycles that would occur during this course. The project management plan and our summary of the first round of user research are presented below.


EDIT 752 encouraged me to see how the principles I had learned in the program were applicable to research and design that occurs outside the formal sphere of education and training. In this course, we continued developing the augmented reality based solution we developed in EDIT 732 and are taking our prototype through two additional research and development phases. While I certainly drew upon my instructional design knowledge in order to work through these assignments, the basics of user research and design are applicable to many processes within my workplace and have already enriched my day-to-day activities at work. Focusing on the end user reminds us, the instructional designers, that design and learning should be user/learner focused. If it is not user centered, can we really say that it (the product, training, course, etc.) is worth the user's time and energy? In today's busy world, we do not have time for training for training's sake. Everything must be created for the benefit of the end user.