EDIT 704 - Instructional Technology Foundations and Theories of Learning

Taken Spring 2011

George Mason University's Course Description

Reviews practical and pedagogical issues related to design and development of technological instruction. Emphasizes investigating instructional design as a field and community of practice, and reviewing core learning theory constructs applicable to design of instructional technology.


Instructor Guide I

In this course, I created an instructional guide based on behavior modeling--one of the theories discussed in class.

Click the links below to view the instructor guide and the post-instruction reference guide for the students.

Instructor Guide II

In a second assignment for this course, I created a second instructional guide based on Gagne's Nine Events--another of the theories discussed in class.

Click the links below to view the advance organizer, the instructor guide, and the student handout.


This course, through weekly readings, in-class activities, and in-class discussions, filled in so many of the gaps in my knowledge of instructional design and learning theory like sand is used to fill gaps between paving stone to make them stronger and more stable. One of the most useful parts of this course was applying the theories discussed in class toward the creation of instructor guides, lesson plans, and a job aid. These pieces, grounded in theory, provided me with additional artifacts that I can present to prospective employers as I transition to an instructional design job in the near future.