EDIT 601 - Instructional Design and Development (IDD) Portfolio

Taken Spring 2011

George Mason University's Course Description

Enables students to create and publish electronic portfolio that demonstrates effective and meaningful integration and syntheses of instructional design and development concepts, principles, and competencies learned across program courses at mid-degree program point.


Instructional Design and Development (IDD) Portfolio (EDIT 601)

For this course, I created a site as an electronic portfolio that reflects the growth and development of my instructional design knowledge and my application of said knowledge through the presentation of artifacts that correspond with instructional design standards.

The individual pages of the site are listed below.


EDIT 601 allowed me to further develop the basic web design skills I initially learned in EDIT 526 and later utilized in EDIT 611. This course also presented the opportunity to reflect on my graduate studies, articulate my understanding and awareness of my learning process, and connect my studies and coursework to industry competencies. This reflection, which occurred outside of the day-to-day work required for my coursework, revealed that my approach to learning has developed in coordination with my progress through the program, but that my journey was not yet over.