EDIT 590 - Educational Research in Technology

Taken Fall 2009

George Mason University's Course Description

Focuses on developing skills, insights, and understanding basics to performing research with emphasis on interpretation, application, critique, and use of findings in educational settings. Students develop expertise in action research methodology, design, and implementation.


Preliminary Research on Learning Style Preferences in Online Training (Research Plan)

In this course, I performed preliminary research on learning style preferences in online training and wrote the research plan below summarizing my findings. While not suitable for submission as a research proposal without additional refinement, my original document is presented below.

Click the link below to download the paper.

Learning Style Preferences in Online Training Receptivity (PDF)


Many of the research concepts and principles covered in EDIT 590 were familiar to me from an introductory marketing research class and a business statistics class taken while pursuing my undergraduate degree. This course provided the opportunity for me to explore educational research through a cognitive apprenticeship. Through the assimilation and further refinement of weekly activities and preliminary research on learning style preferences in online training, I produced a research plan that could be further refined to create a research proposal. The educational research principles covered in this class enriched my understanding of research principles and furthered my understanding of the standards to which educational research must adhere.