EDIT 575 - Authoring Tools (Podcasting)

Taken Spring 2010

George Mason University's Course Description

Introduces specific authoring tools through hands-on lab instruction, interaction with software interface, construction of instructional sequences, importing video and audio clips, resource management, and animation.



Web 2.0 allows instructional designers to utilize a variety of new, interactive tools for designing and delivering instruction. This technology class (EDIT 575) provided an overview of podcasting basics and XML feed creation. I created two podcasts and a blog for podcast distribution.

Click the links below to view the blog or download the two podcasts.


In EDIT 575, I explored podcasting as a new medium for delivering instruction as well as basic principles of podcast design, creation, and distribution. This Web 2.0 technology appears to be underutilized in today's educational environment and I hope that it (or a future iteration of podcasting) becomes more widely adopted in the future. Podcasts allow the learner to explore information at their own pace and lets them take control of their own learning, on their own schedule, which differs from traditional, lecture-style instruction where learners are tethered to a single classroom at a regularly scheduled time. With the advent and widespread adoption of tablet computers, I believe that more organizations will adopt video podcasts as a way to deliver training to distributed students and/or employees.