EDIT 573 - Project Management Tools

Taken Summer 2011

George Mason University's Course Description

Teaches students the principles of project management as it is applied to instructional design. Explores project management tools used to manage, plan, and track large-scale multimedia and hypermedia projects.


In this course, I worked collaboratively with another classmate to develop a project management plan based on a previously developed course design document.

A copy of the plan can be viewed via the link below.

Case Study and Project Management Plan (PDF)


This class formally introduced me to project management principles that I had seen applied in my work place on non-instructional projects, but in this course, the emphasis was on crafting a plan manage the design and development of instruction. While I could have picked up the basic principles on my own, we had to analyze the material and apply it to our own project. Furthermore, we explored current project management tools and used Microsoft Project Manager to develop our plan. Using a course design document that my classmate had previously developed for EDIT 705, my classmate and I developed a project management plan for a project that would "include all parts of the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation necessary to create a commercial training course on social media platform basics for non net-savvy small business owners." In the time since I took this course, I have used some the basic tenets of project management in my current job and coursework and have been able to offer potential solutions and ideas to project managers at work.