Do you wash your hands?

Prior to my two recent sinus infections, I entertained the idea of using a neti pot. Frankly, the idea grossed me out. I knew that I would probably benefit as I have suffered from allergies my whole life and was even on shots for ~11 years as a kid. I even used to have a transverse nasal crease.

At the chiropractor last week, I mentioned my recent bouts of sickness. Dr. Six asked me if I’d ever tried a neti post. I confessed my aversion and she suggested this and let me borrow a book by its inventor. The book argues that washing your nose is just like washing your hands; both help toward preventing illness.

After a few days of use, I’m a convert. I’m sleeping better. I’m breathing easier. If using it daily/regularly helps prevent me from getting sick (and thus let’s me continue with my crazy schedule), I’ll keep using it.

What odd things do you do to keep yourself healthy?

  • shannon

    I do an awful lot MORE to inhibit my health than enhance it, I do have a few good habits. My mother and grandmother have both gotten osteoperosis, so I drink milk every day to try and keep it away.

    I don’t wash my hands much unless I’m cooking (for other people). Otherwise I welcome my bacterial overlords and rely on the idea that perhaps I’m building up immunity by taking the germs head on. I rarely get sick, and haven’t gotten hit with one of those multi-day out of commission illnesses in over a year. Maybe the germs are afraid of me.