Definitely not ENFJ

Twice in the past couple of weeks I’ve been reminded that I’m an introvert. A social (when the situation demands it) one, but an introvert nonetheless.

The first time was a conversation I had with someone in class wherein we discussed my Myers Briggs results.

The second was in a blog post I read yesterday from another DC area blogger.

She proposes that most bloggers are extroverts. I’m inclined to agree with her. I am happiest at home with a fresh cup of coffee and too many weekend commitments leave me drained. I also do write “for the therapy of it.” This blog is a way for me to remember the fun things I do.

That being said, I do owe you, dear reader, more information about recent trips to Paris, Kentucky, and Atlanta. Those posts are forthcoming, but due to other commitments, may be further delayed. In some ways, I’m still recovering (as I keep getting sick after flights) from these trips, but am looking forward to things coming up…

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