Champagne Problems


Our only internet option is ADSL here in Canberra. Husband got the ball rolling the day we arrived and Friday evening, he received the email that our service was ready to go. Saturday midday, I called Telstra to finalize the installation since the CD that came with the modern was cracked. After 45 minutes, my call was escalated to Level 2 tech support and we were promised a call back within 36 hours.

We decided to explore the central business district and were sitting in a pub eating burgers watching a rugby union match when Telstra called. Since we had left the modem connected when we left the house, tech support could run a line test in our absence. Within 20 minutes, Telstra texted me that our problem required a service call and would be resolved no later than 29 August. Sigh…

This has been the longest stretch since fall of 1998 that I’ve been without internet. I know that even having this problem is a luxury that many in the world will likely never know. That being said, internet would go a long way toward easing our arrival in town and would ease my job search immensely. I keep reminding myself to be patient.

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