Brave New World

We cut the cord.

Not completely, but we did cancel our cable television this week. My love(hate) of cable television stretches back to college. There was only one service provider in town and everyone had cable. When I graduated and husband and I moved into a new place together, we did not sign up for cable as their customer service was horrible. A year later when we moved to DC, we did not sign up for cable–same company, same horrible service. It wasn’t until May 2005 that we had cable television again–we decided to bite the bullet and put up with their horrible service. Our bill slowly crept up until I ported our home phone to a cell phone in January 2010, at which point our bill jumped higher. After tweeting about it and playing email tag with a few customer service reps, I was contacted by an executive support person who promptly lowered our bill to a much more reasonable rate.

Last month, our bill jumped again — $50 a month higher — with no change in service. Repeated calls to the same executive support person went nowhere. All of this from the same company that is spending lots of moo-lah to rebrand themselves and has hired a former baseball player for their commercials. On Monday, I called to cancel. On Wednesday, the job was done.

Some newfangled technologies (like streaming Netflix–for which we were already paying–and Hulu Plus) are going to let us watch our shows at a fraction of the cost of cable. The only thing we’ll need to figure out is college football, but we have until August for that.

It’s a brave new world…

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