Back to School

I’ve enjoyed my break between semesters. Many things on my “to do” list got done and many things didn’t. I rested and recharged my batteries and was raring to go yesterday morning.

Alas, an ill-timed snow storm thwarted yesterday’s attempt to be scholarly.

I checked several sites before leaving home around 3:10 PM. While sitting on 395S just a quarter mile from home as the sleet beat down on the car, I tweeted…!/melissachess/status/30359696858677248

I received a quick response from a friend that evening classes had just been canceled and I quickly exited the highway to head home.

Later in the evening (after husband got home ~3 hrs after he left work), I tweeted…!/melissachess/status/30444355944714240

We watched stupid tv and enjoyed being at home. It was a good evening.


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