A Day in My Life

The post below describes yesterday (1 April 2015).

I wake up at around 6:35 AM to sounds of Bebe’s cries–not the panicked, something’s wrong cry–but instead the “I’m awake. Come get me.” cry. I sit on the couch in the dim living room–the sun has not come up yet–and feed him (for what feels like forever) while he tracks his father’s movements around the kitchen and living room. His dad is always more exciting that me and the love between the two is adorable and precious. When Bebe finished nursing, I take off his sleep sack and put him in the floor at which point he immediately toddles/crawls/creeps over to where husband is finishing his breakfast and the two share snuggles and hugs. Husband reluctantly hands him back to get ready for work and I start the diaper change process. At 10.5 months old, Bebe has opinions about holding still (read: he won’t) and there are a few protests (from both of us) as I finally get him changed and redressed in his sleeper. We spend the next half hour or so back and forth between the living room (hello toys!) and our bedroom (hello Dad!) before there is another handoff so I can fix breakfast for the bub and me.

Today’s breakfast is scrambled eggs and peaches. We put Bebe in his chair and while we eat, husband leaves for work. After breakfast, we play some more and end up back in our bedroom. I read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” three times before placing it out of his sight and I elicit adorable giggles by having his stuffed echidna poke him in the sides while growling. At around 8:30 AM, we head back to the living room for another diaper change (and I turn the coffee pot back on so I can have hot coffee in a bit). Then it is time for his nap wind-down process (nursing, book, snuggle, and then into bed he goes). I exited his room around 8:50 AM, listen to him talk to himself as I poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat in one of the chairs in the living room. He finally settles down around 9:20 AM and I spend until 9:50 AM catching up on the world via my laptop since my phone screen is broken and I could not catch up earlier. At 9:50 AM I go shower and notice the messy house while simultaneously smiling and shaking my head that this is my life, like it or not. After my shower, I dress and started writing this post while finishing my coffee.

At 10:25 AM, Bebe wakes up and we begin the next part of our day together. Diaper and wardrobe change for him and out the door we head to the mall to price out phone stuff for me. We then make a quick stop into the grocery (still at the mall) because we are forever running out of fruit for him. We arrive home around noon and after a milk feed, I fix lunch for the both of us. Today’s was soup, toast, and mixed fruit (pineapple, rock melon/cantaloupe, and honeydew melon). We play a bit more and since it seems as though this wonder week (number seven, aka sequences) has finished early, he’s not glued to my side and he’s willing to play solo. This means I can change batteries in the computer mouse and change the sheet on his bed since I have both hands free. Around 1:20 PM, it’s time to get him down for his afternoon nap (diaper change, book, snuggle) and I respond to some emails while he talks himself down to sleep. During his afternoon nap, I clean the kitchen and prep the chicken I am going to roast for dinner tonight.

I woke the boy up just after 3 PM so we could meet a neighbor and her four-month old for a walk around the neighborhood. Upon our return to the house, Bebe gets a milk feed and then we play until about 5 PM, at which point we sit down for his dinner (leftover pork chop, green beans, strawberries, toast with carrot cashew spread, and a plum). After dinner, he gets a bath and I dress him for bed. Husband gets home around 5:45 PM and we play until about 6:30 PM. I nurse the boy one last time, read him a few books, and then down to bed he goes.

Dinner prep started earlier, so the chicken is already in the oven at this point and I prep/cook the asparagus. Husband pulls a bottle of wine out of the fridge and cooks the sweet potato in the microwave and once dinner is finished cooking, we settle in to watch TV via Hulu until about 9 PM. We brush our teeth, after crawling into bed, read our books until 9:45 PM, and then turn out the lights. The next morning will be here before we know it.

I’m incredibly thankful to be at home with little boy now. Life is certainly different now (read: I can’t go to the bathroom solo while he’s awake without tears (from him)), but this is my life.

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