Canberra, Australia

Photos of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia

As we prepare to repatriate, I’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about our time overseas. I never properly blogged about our three years in Canberra, Australia and the things I loved (and hated) about living there. That said, the things I hated have softened into mere annoyances over time.


  1. Coffee! Fresh produce! Farmers market! I could tell you of so many times I was impressed, but instead just trust that we ate and drank well during those three years.
  2. People! I met many wonderful people and made a few friends for life. Not a week goes by that I don’t check in with one of them (Hi Tina!) and I’m forever thankful for the many people that welcomed and took care of us there.
  3. Lifestyle! Everyone was relaxed and most people worked to live instead of living for work. It’s something we struggled with (Hello! I’m a Type A East Coaster!), but I appreciated it and still strive to emulate that mindset.


  1. Grocery trolley carts where none of the wheels are fixed. I can’t stand them and kicked the back wheels so many times over the three years while wearing sandals. Oww!
  2. Not being able to pay for petrol at the pump. I don’t think this needs further explanation.

And that’s it. The “Loves!” list could go on forever if I enumerated every little thing, but the “Annoyances!” list will stay forever short.

If a job ever opens up in Australia for us, we’d go back with very little hesitation.

Photo Attribution / Image by pinkzebra from Pixabay

10 Good Things

Enneagram & Coffee‘s started asked people to submit a list of ten good things going on in their lives as a gratitude exercise. I’m tired of staring at my phone today, so I’m writing my list here. Here goes…

  1. Cooking eggs & cheesy, jammy toast for the kids on their last day of school
  2. As far as I know, I’m still cancer-free
  3. Both kids have been accepted into schools in the U.S. for next year
  4. We’re completely debt-free except for our condo mortgage, and we plan to sell it as soon as our tenants move out
  5. Being able to pay cash for a (used) car, a motorcycle, and most of another (used) car in the next sixty days after we repatriate
  6. Temporarily sharing a bed with our three-year-old and waking up to her smiling face
  7. Identifying a feeling that has plagued me over the last five or six years and realizing I don’t feel that way (that much) anymore
  8. Having friends and family that love and accept me just the way that I am
  9. Coffee
  10. Bedtime snuggles with my five-year-old and talking about our feelings together