2016 Recap

Here I am. It’s a full week into 2017 already and I’m just now sitting down to write up my thoughts about 2016. I’ll write another post someday about how the first week of 2017 has gone (but quickly tl;dr #hospital #asthma #bronchitis). Here goes…

  • Started the year in Canberra feeling very pregnant with an active 19 month old and ended it in Doha with two active little ones (31 months old and 9 months old)
  • Took nine plane flights (CBR to Melbourne to Launceston and return in February; CBR to SYD to DFW to ATL in July, and ATL to Doha by way of Amsterdam in September)
  • Moved from a small house intended for two of us when we arrived in Canberra in August 2013 (and housed four of us when we left) to stay with my parents for seven weeks before moving to a quite large (for us) house in Doha
  • Adjusted to new routines and new grocery stores while making new friends
  • Watched the US election process…(I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on this one and just stick with the super personal stuff)
  • Loved and cried and loved some more

While it doesn’t seem like much, 2016 was a transformative year. My immediate family is complete. I left a city I’d grown to love and I’ll likely never live there again. I made wonderful friends there, including a few with home I’m in contact with almost every day. These words can’t describe my experiences, so I’m going to stop trying. 2016 was good.

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